Sitworld: Event History #14 Lodging Problems


John Alvord, IBM Corporation

Draft #1 – 21 May 2018 – Level 1.00000

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The Event History Audit project is complex to grasp as a whole. The following series of posts will track individual diagnostic efforts and how the new project aided in the process.

This was about diagnosing a situation that produces a lot of results and what that means and what to do. Then it became more complicated and interesting.

This was seen in the Advisory Report

100,EVENTAUDIT1008E,TEMS,Situations [2] had lodge failures [2] – See report EVENTREPORT020

What could that mean?

This was seen in the Report020: Deltastat X (Problem) Report




Before a situation can run at an agent, the defining SQL statement must be compiled. When that compile completes the information is said to the “Lodged”.

This report shows cases where the compilation failed. The most common reason is when the related application support is back level or even missing. There are less common cases where the situation creator has manually created the formula and the loaded with a tacmd createSit or tacmd EditSit…. and the formula had a syntax error. Normally this is impossible since situations are expected to authored in the TEP Situation Editor which works to ensure correct syntax. However it does happen.

What are the problems and How to fix them?

The named situations are not running. In this case it includes a historical data collection against a TEMS database table.

Review the TEMS diagnostic log and discover what attributes are in question and correct the condition.

You can use the TEP itself to locate most of the problems centrally.

In a Portal Client session. From the Enterprise navigation node

1) right click on Enterprise navigation node

2) select Managed Tivoli Enterprise Management Systems

3) In bottom left view, right Click on workspace link [before hub TEMS entry] and select Installed Catalogs

4) In the new display on right, right click in table, select Properties, click Return all rows and OK out

5) Resolve any missing or out of data application data. You can right-click export… the data to a local CSV file for easier


This process reconciles the catalog files, however catalog and attribute files are paired and so both get corrected.


Tale #14 of using Event Audit History is about identifying and correcting situations which are not running because of SQL compile problems.

Sitworld: Table of Contents

History and Earlier versions

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