Sitworld: Event History #7 Events Created But Not Forwarded


John Alvord, IBM Corporation

Draft #1 – 19 April 2018 – Level 1.00000

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The Event History Audit project is complex to grasp as a whole. The following series of posts will track individual diagnostic efforts and how the new project aided in the process.

This was seen in the Event Audit History Advisory section:

40,EVENTAUDIT1004W,TEMS,Situations [145] showing event statuses but event not forwarded – see EVENTREPORT018

This some situations forwarded  events to an event receiver like Netcool/Omnibus. However some events were not forwarded.

And in that report section:

EVENTREPORT018: Situations processed but not forwarded





… [142 more]

This report shows the situation name, the count of events seen and the number of agents which sent the results and turned into events.

What is the problem and How to fix it?

Collecting results, sending them, creating and managing events is a lot of work for the Agent and the network and the TEMS. Sometimes people create testing situations and then forget to stop and delete them. Sometimes situations are for certain customers who are no longer customers. Sometimes situations were supposed to be forwarded to an event receiver but a mistake was made and the situation was never configured properly. Sometimes it is exactly what is wanted.

In any case, the non-forwarded situations should be reviewed for behaving as desired. In one case the workload on a TEMS was decreased by 75% by deleting situations that were no longer being used. There is potential for more efficiency and for better monitoring in general. After all if a wanted event is never processed at an event receiver, who will ever know that it is missing?


Tale #7 of using Event Audit History to understand and review situations that are not forwarded.

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History and Earlier versions

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